How to Dress for Your Internship or Job Interview

This is a 3-part series on How to Dress for Your Internship or Job Interview


So… what should I wear?

Have you ever head “Dress for the job you want?” I have.  But now it’s also “Dress for the company that you want to work for.” The suit might not be the universal standard.

Is your internship with a hoodie culture of the Silicon Valley start-up world or is it with a Wall Street investment firm? Many companies are relaxing their dress codes.  But a lot of industries, such as finance and law, expect you to be on your suit A-game when you come in for an interview.

Do your homework.

Because there are no hard and fast rules anymore, your best bet is to do your homework ahead of time to figure out what the standard dress code would be for the role and company at which you're interviewing.

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